Ocurrence Reporting in Equipment

APP and user sign-up

The app can be downloaded directly from the links corresponding to this website, as well as from the download portals of iPhone and Android applications. The application is not yet suitable for Blackberry. It can also be used from this very website. In this case, the person should register as a user of the service.

Communication of the problem

When the person detects a problem they will access the “Premià Actua” platform and should choose between one of the previously established types of problems (water, sewage system, insect and rodent infestations, manhole covers, rubbish bins, wastepaper baskets, street cleaning, beach clean-ups, beach, park and garden maintenance, animal collection on public roads).

Add a comment

Once the type of problem has been chosen, a pop-up window will appear in which the user can explain the fault detected in more detail and attach a photograph. The geographic positioning will be carried out via Google Maps. If the user is not where the problem is detected, they should specify the location at the time of making the communication. Check the location on the map. If it is not correct, mark it manually and specify it in the comments section.

Automatically generated email

Each notice made form a mobile application or from the website generates an email alert that will reach the Premià Actua department to which it corresponds, where relevant.

Solution to the problem

The user will receive a notification informing them of the status of the problem: both in the management stage and in the moment in which the measures for its resolve are taken.

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Descargar app: